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Are you someone who needs help... 
If you are having trouble paying for pet food and 
need help, please go to the Application page, 
fill out and submit the form provided.  You need to be present at all distributions in order to get food and have your ID.  We do ask that your dogs are UTD on their rabies, and that all pets are spayed/neutered.  You will be given 3 months to get shots and spay/neuter done.  If you can't get your pet fixed due to their health we can take a note from the vet stating this.  Please see our home page for more information on low cost spay/neuter and shots.   If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know.  

Lucky Paws Pet Food Pantry can help...
We want to help everyone, but our main concern
is to keep animals in their homes where they are loved.  
This program is not meant to be a long-term solution,
but rather a helping hand when times are tough. 
We hope that everyone who uses the pantry will give
back to it when their circumstances change.

How can you help...
There are a lot of ways to collect food.  Place a
donation box, or have a food drive at work, school,
church or your favorite place of business.  Parents, teachers and scout leaders find that collecting
donations for the pantry is a fantastic way to get
children and teens involved with helping animals.  
If you need flyers or anything else from us please
send us an email and let us know.
Our Wish List

Dog and cat food, dry or canned.
Cat litter

Monetary donations are also accepted. 
Please use our PayPal online.

If you know a business that would be willing to
help, or make a donation
please let us know. 

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